Vacstar is more than state of the art, vacuum excavation equipment.  Vacstar is a multipurpose tool that will increase your speed, power, and the safety in which you work.  Below you will find a few of the many different applications for using the Vacstar vacuum excavation equipment.

Cleaning Stormwater Basins

vacstar_stormwater.jpg (133047 bytes) Let periodic cleaning of your stormwater catch basins be part of your Best Management Practives (BMP's).  The Vacstar will help your catch basins stay in operational condition and keep containments where they belong, in your catch basin system.

Collecting HDD Slurry

vacstar_slurry.jpg (215469 bytes) Collecting horizontal directional drilling slurry at entry, exit, and strategic points along the way help prevent the possibility of "fraq-outs" (where fluid leaks out on surface conditions unexpectedly) and keeps your working area environmentally clean for your workers and your customers.

Innovative Discharge Options

vacstar_dischargeslurry.jpg (165385 bytes) You can rid your tank in the traditional gravity dump method, but why, when discharging out your hose in the pressure mode allows you empty your tank so that it's cleaner, without the mess, and allows you many more options in where you place your material.

Slot Trenching

vacstar_slottrenching.jpg (219295 bytes) Under the ground is a web of obstacles and our utility's infrastructure, charted and uncharted.  Any soil excavation can put your employees at risk and put your company in a liability situation regarding any utility strikes.  When working in a congested area, using vacuum excavation is paramount to reducing your risk while gaining productivity.

Easy Clean Attachments

vacstar_duckbillapplication.jpg (174739 bytes) Choose from our selection of attachments for the best tool for your job.  Supplying customized attachments to make your job easier is our goal.

Retention Wall Repair

vacstar_retensionwall.jpg (158770 bytes) Time has a way of punishing retention walls.  Let the Vacstar quickly and efficiently move the ground needed to correct the leaning of any retention wall.

Curbside Safety

vacstar_curbsideunit.jpg (138966 bytes) Roadside work areas have one of the highest death rates of any working environment.  Keep your people safe by taking advantage of Vacstar curbside controls.  The Vacstar can be operated without any need to cross onto the traffic side of your working environment.

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