Why Purchase A VacStar Vacuum Excavation Unit?

Here are some comments from a few of our customers:

“The people at VacStar are the kind of people I like doing business with, professional, courteous and
concerned about their customers.”
Dwyer H. Broussard/Bron Contractors

“Our VacStar excavation unit has made our job so much easier, we wouldn’t give it up for anything!”
Joyce Helmick/Triple J Construction

“Our VacStar gave us the cleanest crew reputation among DOT inspectors.”
Randy Murdock/T.E.C. Inc.

“Very easy to use and great power.”
Mike Jacobs/Schroeder Construction

“I would say this is a very well constructed machine—good quality accessories, engine pump, etc.”
Edward Henkels/K.L.K. Construction

“Good value at a fair price.”
Todd Zohner/DCCI Inc.

“I was amazed how you backed your product up with service, parts and labor. These days when you
 buy it, it’s yours.  But with your company, you seem to care about your customers.”
Mark Sullivan/LeMar Construction


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