• Vacuum pump will draw a deeper vacuum (22 in/hg).

  • The deeper vacuum allows the operator to vacuum greater distances vertically.

  • The deeper vacuum allows the operator to vacuum greater distances horizontally.  VacStar units, in some circumstances, function with over 200 feet of  3” diameter vacuum hose.  This allows the operator to park the unit curbside and vacuum in “backyard” applications, or in situations where the vac unit cannot be located closer to the excavation site: i.e. fences, soft ditches, buildings, steep grades, etc.

  • If the vacuum hose becomes partially or completely plugged, a lever on the vac pump can quickly and easily be repositioned which pressurizes the pick up hose to remove the obstruction.


  • The filter is cleaned/replaced less frequently.

  • The vacuum pump (when in vacuum mode) is protected by a 6” primary check ball and 4” secondary check ball in the water trap, and a two-stage 10 micron poly washable filter.


  • The VacStar’s fresh water supply is located on the fenders of the trailer which helps keep weight properly balanced.

  • The high-pressure water pump is protected by a low water, shut off switch.

  • The pump and hose are protected from freezing by rotating the three-way valve to the antifreeze tank position.

  • Hand/equipment wash faucet.


  • Emptying the contents of the VacStar tank is easy and quick.

-           Air agitation jets in the bottom of the VacStar tank stir the contents.  The tank is then pressurized, allowing the contents to be emptied in a few minutes.

            -            Several emptying options are available to the operator:

  • Immediately to the rear (right side) of the machine with a six feet discharge hose.

  • or up to 40 feet away via the three inch to four inch reducer and lengths of three inch vacuum hose.

  • or contents are emptied directly into a “mud reclaimer”.



  • Emptying the contents of the VacStar tank is easy and quick.  The VacStar was designed as a curbside unit.  All controls are accessed from the right side.  This is a safety feature minimizing a worker’s need to be in traffic lanes.

  • DOT compliant trailer.

  • Most replacement parts and accessories are available from local supply houses.  Those that aren't are ready to be shipped out from the manufacturer.

  • All major components have their own national service network for parts and service.

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